Hawaii OKs autonomous vehicles for public roads

by • 4 weeks ago

Hawaii Gov. David Ige last week signed legislation that approves the testing of autonomous vehicles on state roads through at least 2023.

Hawaii launches four-year $6 million connected-vehicle pilot

by • 3 months ago

Researchers will install technology that tracks cars, bicyclists and pedestrians in a five-mile stretch of Honolulu as part of a study of the future of mobility.

Pandemic's budget shortfalls push states toward automation

by • 4 months ago

As chief information officers anticipate working with smaller budgets and smaller teams, automating processes, they say, appears increasingly necessary.

Hawaii's latest digitization project was well-timed for the pandemic

by • 5 months ago

A new time and leave system replaces 40-year-old paper processes in Hawaii, where state CIO Douglas Murdock said many employees continue to work from home.

States spend big on remote-working tech, brace for unemployment

by • 7 months ago

As unemployment claims spike, some governments' systems struggle to keep pace with the heightened load.

Advertisers don't like Hawaii's sweeping new privacy bill

by • 8 months ago

A provision that would require companies to get individuals' consent before selling geolocation and browsing data is drawing sharp opposition from the ad industry.

Hawaii governor vetoes location-data privacy bill

by • 1 year ago

Telecommunications companies with customers in the Aloha State may continue selling their location data to third parties, unfettered by state regulation.

NGA selects six states for election cybersecurity policy academy

by • 1 year ago

Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Nevada and Virginia will spend the next six months studying election security to come up with plans ahead of the 2020 election.

Data analysis, machine learning attract states to the cloud

by • 1 year ago

With the new capabilities cloud computing presents, IT agencies can protect themselves better and do more with data, guests say on StateScoop's Priorities podcast.