Hawaii unveils digital COVID-19 'health card'

by • 2 weeks ago

Officials said the pass will help support the economy as case levels and tourism surge on the islands.

Hawaii’s COVID-19 ‘health pass’ still isn’t ready

by • 1 month ago

Earlier estimates targeted a summer launch, but officials said they still don't know when the tool might be ready.

Hawaii recovers $20M from vendor of failed IT upgrade

by • 4 months ago

Ciber, Inc. has agreed to pay the state an additional $20 million after it failed to deliver a working system on a 2009 project.

Hawaii adds facial recognition to COVID-19 airport screening

by • 4 months ago

Travelers whose body temperatures set off thermal cameras at the state's airports will have their pictures taken so they can be pulled aside for further screening.

States continue tinkering with their unemployment systems

by • 5 months ago

States are still ironing out the policies, procedures and technologies that will allow their unemployment insurance platforms to scale for massive demand.

Hawaii could have a vaccine passport by summer, officials say

by • 6 months ago

Hawaii state officials said they're piloting technology developed by Clear and CommonPass that's been in development since October.

Hawaii officials push broadband as key to post-pandemic economy

by • 8 months ago

With tourism deeply depressed and an infrastructure that wasn't ready for the remote lifestyle, the state's leaders are pushing broadband to the forefront.

Hawaii OKs autonomous vehicles for public roads

by • 1 year ago

Hawaii Gov. David Ige last week signed legislation that approves the testing of autonomous vehicles on state roads through at least 2023.

Hawaii launches four-year $6 million connected-vehicle pilot

by • 1 year ago

Researchers will install technology that tracks cars, bicyclists and pedestrians in a five-mile stretch of Honolulu as part of a study of the future of mobility.