Executive Order

For autonomous vehicle advancement, Mayor Peduto signs “Pittsburgh Principles"

by • 3 years ago

He's signed a "first of its kind" order laying out the city's AV strategy, calling for testing guidelines and transparent communication between stakeholders.

Minnesota Gov. Dayton orders autonomous vehicle testing, creates advisory board

by • 4 years ago

An executive order puts the state in a growing group of those planning for new advances in transportation technology.

New Jersey becomes third state to issue net neutrality rule

by • 4 years ago

Gov. Phil Murphy has signed an executive order that prohibits the state from doing business with internet service providers that do not honor now-defunct net neutrality requirements.

Executive order directs IT consolidation in New Jersey

by • 5 years ago

With seven months left in office, Gov. Chris Christie gives his IT chief the nod on consolidating overlapping assets.