delivery drones

Delivery drones eye the sidewalks of Arizona

by • 4 years ago

The state would join a growing group seeking to promote the technology's use for autonomous deliveries on city streets.

One San Francisco official’s war on R2-D2

by • 5 years ago

Commentary: Research Analyst Alan McQuinn examines a recent controversy to argue that hasty policymaking around emerging technologies is self-defeating.

Neighborhoods should build drone delivery centers, report says

by • 5 years ago

A new study from RAND Corporation forecasts big benefits from delivery drones, but says there are still logistical and policy considerations that must be overcome.

Sidewalk drones find new home in Wisconsin, the third state to legalize

by • 5 years ago

Momentum is growing with a new state law allowing delivery robots, as policymakers and technologists consider the opportunities for the emergent door-to-door service.

Autonomous delivery drone startup rolls into $17.2 million in funding

by • 5 years ago

Businesses around the nation may soon gain access to "robots as a service."