From 'smart mobility hubs' to crowdsourcing traffic data, Columbus tests new transportation tech

by • 7 months ago

The Smart Columbus regional partnership in Ohio has announced three new pilot projects to reduce traffic congestion and improve access to transportation options.

Local government's open forums must persist during pandemic, say city leaders

by • 8 months ago

As the coronavirus pandemic forces many government services online, technology officials cite concern that some transparency efforts could get left behind.

Columbus, Ohio, launches 'digital capstone' of smart city advice

by • 9 months ago

The Ohio capital city says it's surpassed several environmental benchmarks of a 2016 federal transportation award, particularly with electric vehicle adoption.

Engaging community is key for smart-city development, officials say

by • 1 year ago

Speakers at a smart-cities conference outside Washington said their programs are only worthwhile if residents understand the new technologies being deployed in their communities.

How Smart Columbus is advancing city transportation tech

by • 2 years ago

Commentary: Jordan Davis, a director at the Columbus Partnership, shares how the Ohio capital is making the most of its $570 million experiment.

Tested by Ubers, scooters and seas of data, city officials see opportunity

by • 2 years ago

A mercurial landscape of transportation options is challenging cities in way that urban transportation officials say they can't build their way out of.

As Columbus, Ohio, pursues 'smart city' plan, officials consider AI

by • 2 years ago

City officials say artificial intelligence is likely to play a role in the city's future, but there still remain questions surrounding its use by government.

Columbus pivots smart city funding toward prenatal care

by • 3 years ago

City officials have been granted federal approval to redirect funding and halt a number of projects after research showed potential problems.

Even smart cities have a big transportation gap, study shows

by • 3 years ago

Economic forces have created a death of intercity travel options, new analysis shows, even in leading smart cities like Columbus, Ohio.