Texas Tech University’s CIO on using cloud to augment education

by • 4 days ago

Sam Segran shares cloud strategies to help schools improve security, data access and remote learning to ensure student success during the pandemic.

Colorado prepares to activate new cloud-based unemployment system

by • 1 week ago

The new system will include the state's traditional unemployment benefits and pandemic relief programs in a single cloud environment, moving on from an old mainframe.

State leader on lowering IT costs during pandemic

by • 2 weeks ago

Arizona’s Doug Lange shares how the state’s strategy to invest in cloud-based technology helped them save millions in cost avoidance and infrastructure savings.

How cloud computing can unlock city innovation

by • 2 weeks ago

Cities are finally in full adoption mode of cloud services. Will 2021 be the year they make full use of this innovative technology?

New Jersey CTO discusses increasing telework capacity with cloud

by • 3 weeks ago

New Jersey’s Christopher Rein says the pandemic was a force multiplier for leadership to invest in cloud and data programs which significantly improve service delivery.

Virginia CIO discusses the state's remote work investments

by • 4 weeks ago

Virginia CIO Nelson Moe says the state’s leaders are looking at the long-term impact of their technology investments and the future of work.

Ohio’s cloud smart initiative key to innovations during pandemic

by • 1 month ago

Ohio CIO Ervan Rodgers discusses how their modern approach to cloud allowed programs to push out key collaboration and AI-enabled tools quickly and meet citizen needs.

Simplify citizen services with centralized cloud infrastructure

by • 2 months ago

Maryland’s secretary of IT, Michael Leahy shares how the pandemic ramped up the state’s plans to simplify services on a secure, one-stop platform.

LA County CIO says cloud is key to reimagining government services

by • 2 months ago

Bill Kehoe on Los Angeles County’s mission goals, prior to pandemic, set them on a path to successfully maneuver remote work and cloud security during the crisis.