citizen services

States build resilience in government service with cloud

by • 2 months ago

Government leaders share their key wins during the pandemic thanks to cloud investments and look toward the future of government service.

Expanding digital services requires modern IAM for citizens

by • 5 months ago

Agencies looking to expand digital citizen services can improve user experience, increase security and lower operating costs with modern identity and access solutions.

Simplify citizen services with centralized cloud infrastructure

by • 5 months ago

Maryland’s secretary of IT, Michael Leahy shares how the pandemic ramped up the state’s plans to simplify services on a secure, one-stop platform.

Looking beyond COVID-19 to build a digital government

by • 6 months ago

While the pandemic boosted modernization and digital services projects in government, agencies need to leverage that momentum beyond the crisis.

Citizen services should serve the bottom 5 percent — and everyone else

by • 2 years ago

The top technology official for Santa Clara County, California, says in her jurisdiction, digital services fall into two clear categories.

Inside the Texas vs. Indiana joint hackathon

by • 6 years ago

In a new twist in developing citizen services applications, teams from Indiana and Texas are squaring off in a hackathon to build the best portal or app for the state.