NASCIO names finalists for 2022 State IT Recognition Awards

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers named the finalists of its 2022 State IT Recognition Awards.
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The National Association of State Chief Information Officers on Tuesday named the finalists of its annual State IT Recognition Awards.

The finalists — which represent 15 states across 10 categories, including cybersecurity and digital services — include projects that show best how technology can be used to “address critical business problems, more easily connect citizens to their government, improve business processes and create new opportunities that improve the lives of citizens,” according to the association. 

Each of the 10 categories contains three or four finalists, with several states getting repeat mentions. North Carolina, for instance, landed in eight of the 10 categories, recognized for projects including an automated COVID-19 reporting system, its “whole-of-state” approach to cybersecurity and its cloud-based procurement initiative.

Emily Lane, NASCIO‘s program and brand director, said the awards, which are now in their 34th year, honor “all of the amazing stuff” that happens in state government, but that is seldom mentioned elsewhere.


“We’re really looking for those transformational projects that are helping out with critical business problems and making the citizen experience better,” Lane said. “It’s often some of the unsung stories that are happening in state government.”

Meredith Ward, NASCIO’s policy and research director, said CIOs sometimes don’t think to celebrate their states’ best work, but that’s one of NASCIO’s functions.

“State CIOs so often they have their head down, just doing their job and just running the business of state government,” Ward said.

NASCIO plans to announce the winners at its annual conference in Louisville, Kentucky, in October.

The finalists:


Business Process Innovations 

  • State of North Carolina: When Minutes Mattered: Automated COVID-19 Reporting System Saved Hospitals’ Time and Reduced Administrative Burden 
  • State of Ohio: Increasing Operational Efficiency Through Process Automation 
  • State of Oregon: Service Transformation Program (STP) OLIVR: Oregon License Issuance and Vehicle Registration  

Cross-Boundary Collaboration & Partnerships 

  • State of Nebraska: United Effort for Law Enforcement 
  • State of North Carolina: The Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) Program: Administering Additional Food Assistance Benefits to North Carolina’s Students and Children 
  • State of Washington: Vessel Broadband Modernization (We don’t need the Wi-Fi password anymore!) 


  • State of California: Strengthening Security Through Automation: FTB Governance Risk Management and Compliance Project 
  • State of Illinois: Security Scorecard: You’re the CISO, Cybersecurity is Your Problem 
  • State of Michigan: MILogin: Michigan’s Digital Identity Program 
  • State of North Carolina: Collective Defense and Support: A Whole-of-State Approach to Cybersecurity 

Data Management, Analytics & Visualization 

  • State of Michigan: Monitoring the Heartbeat of Michigan: DTMB Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection 
  • State of North Carolina: Unemployment Insurance Fraud: Fraud Detection and Prevention through the Power of Data and Analytics  
  • State of Tennessee: Vaccination Registration and Administration Solution  

Digital Services: Government to Business 

  • State of Arizona: Underground Storage Tank Compliance and Reporting Goes Digital 
  • State of California: With CROS, Customers Come First 
  • State of North Carolina: Expediting North Carolina Business Creation: An Online Document Filing Wizard  

Digital Services: Government to Citizen 

  • State of Connecticut: OEC Parent Portal 
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: My PA Tax Hub: The “PATH” to Improving Taxpayer Services 
  • State of Texas: Texas by Texas (TxT) Digital Assistant  

Emerging & Innovative Technologies  

  • State of North Carolina: Life-Saving Innovation: ATSC 3.0 in Public Safety Communications 
  • State of Ohio: The Ohio Benefits Program is BOT “In” 
  • State of Tennessee: Intelligent Automation: Reinventing the Way Government Does Business  

Enterprise IT Management Initiatives 

  • State of Georgia: Cloud and Taxes, That’s Certain: Georgia DOR’s Tax System Migration Project  
  • State of North Carolina: North Carolina: Transforming Procurement in the Cloud  
  • State of Tennessee: Tenncare Cloud Services Project 

Information Communications Technology (ICT) Innovations  

  • State of North Carolina: Prison Telehealth Program: Efficiency and Innovation In North Carolina Correctional Facilities  
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Mass Text Messaging for Human Service Recipients 
  • State of Washington: COVID, Murder Hornets and Wildfires—Oh My! Harnessing the Power of GIS to Manage Statewide Crises  

State CIO Office Special Recognition 

  • State of California: Forging the Path to Recovery: Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record 
  • State of Illinois: Access Illinois: Elevating Accessibility for Residents with Disabilities  
  • State of Indiana: Building a Work-Based Learning Program and Hiring the Next Generation of State Employees  
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