Ransomware spree against Atlanta, Newark and others leads to indictment of 2 Iranians

by Benjamin Freed • 2 months ago

The Justice Department charged two Iranian citizens with developing and deploying the SamSam ransomware virus that extracted more than $6 million from its victims and cost millions more in damage.

Indiana National Guard recovers from ransomware attack on state server

by Ryan Johnston • 3 months ago

The server included military and civilian personal information, but officials say the malware used doesn't typically compromise data.

Delaware names new chief security officer

by Benjamin Freed • 3 months ago

Solomon Adote, who previously worked for the state as a network analyst, was most recently an information security manager for multinational chemical manufacturer FMC.

New York City launches a smartphone threat-detection app

by Benjamin Freed • 4 months ago

NYC Secure will tell New Yorkers if their phones encounter unsafe networks. The city insists it's not tracking users.

Blockchain-enabled voting has started in West Virginia

by Benjamin Freed • 4 months ago

The state's overseas voters started casting ballots using a mobile app that runs on the decentralized ledger last Friday.

West Virginia to offer mobile, blockchain-based ballots to its overseas voters in November

by Benjamin Freed • 6 months ago

The state is expanding on a two-county test during its May primary, despite the misgivings of election security advocates.

5G technology will be the backbone of smart cities, as long as it's secured, retired generals say

by Benjamin Freed • 6 months ago

Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander James L. Jones and retired Air Force Major General Robert Wheeler were both optimistic that the next wave of wireless technology will be the safest.

New voting machines are important, but here are three other ways states are investing in election security

by Benjamin Freed • 6 months ago

Top election officials are turning to multi-factor authentication, advanced audits and in some cases the military to defend against continued cyberthreats.

West Virginia may offer blockchain-based ballots to all of its overseas voters this November

by Benjamin Freed • 6 months ago

The state, which tested the technology in two counties during the May primary, is waiting on the results of a post-election audit, despite pointed critics of online voting.

Atlanta's ransomware attack destroyed years of police dashboard camera footage

by Benjamin Freed • 8 months ago

The lost video could make it more difficult to prosecute some criminal cases.

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