With myTN, Tennessee’s mobile-first platform meets people where they are

For Stephanie Dedmon, serving the citizen is about meeting them where they are and on the device they use.

Beyond just helping agencies take more services online — something Dedmon says is among her proudest accomplishments for 2018 — the development of the myTN platform represents something bigger.

“[With myTN, we’re] creating a more mobile-first strategy with our agencies and the number of services we provide via website,” Dedmon says. “We’re really wanting to grow our mobile presence, just in recognizing that more and more citizens have smartphones.”

Because of that growing demand on the part of the citizen, Dedmon says the state needs to be more responsive to the way citizens interact with services the private sector provides, and model government services after the way that citizens engage with those products.

“[Citizens] want to access their government services just like they do from Amazon or other websites,” Dedmon says.

The project was first announced by then-CIO Mark Bengel in late 2017, and Dedmon expects it to be ready to rollout to the citizen in early 2019.

Dedmon on her team’s greatest 2018 accomplishment:

Dedmon on data and analytics:

Dedmon on digital transformation:

These videos were produced by StateScoop at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers’ annual conference in San Diego, California, in October 2018.