VMware exec says Silicon Valley innovation bleeds into government

The center of American technology innovation is in California and it’s helping state and local governments do their jobs better, one VMware executive says.

“When we look at what’s unique to California and their approach to technology is their proximity to the greatest tech hub in the entire world,” Jim Falvey, VMware’s senior director for public sector on the west coast, says in a video interview. “A lot of that is going to bleed over — the innovation that they see being driven out of Silicon Valley.”

The access to the Silicon Valley ecosystem gives California a leg up, Falvey says, because of proximity.

“[Governments] have access to that,” Falvey says. “And [agencies] are being pushed and driven by some of those great companies. I think California has a unique advantage in that regard.”

Unlike the competitive nature between private sector companies in Silicon Valley, Falvey says, California state and local government agencies can embrace the innovation the private sector brings while sharing data and information between each other.

“We see [innovation] bleed over into the state level, with what the state is doing with some of their shared services offerings,” Falvey says. “At the local level, we’re seeing cities and counties collaborate more and more, driving cost out of their business. We’re seeing education platforms become more and more interactive. We’re seeing just a ton of innovation.”

Falvey on change in government:

Falvey on government providing better services:

Falvey on collaboration in government:

This video was filmed at the California Innovation Summit on January 15, 2019, presented by VMware, Intel and Carahsoft and produced by StateScoop.