State, local agencies should unify on innovation, Intel exec says

State and local governments need to work together to “drive innovation,” Lisa Davis, a former federal government agency chief information officer and current Intel executive says.

“In government, you have a lot of different entities,” Davis says in a video interview with StateScoop. “What’s important is to rally around vision and then a strategy, and then harness the power of aggregating everyone together.”

Davis, who was previously a CIO for Georgetown University and the U.S. Marshals Service, says collaboration helps every department and agency get closer to serving their customer: the citizen.

“If everybody does their own thing — every department, every agency — it’s going to be very piecemeal,” Davis says. “It won’t be ultimately integrated to really harness and leverage the power that technology can bring.”

In addition, Davis says agencies and departments at various levels of government should unify their missions and strategies instead of pursuing similar ideas separately.

“You’re going to get a lot more done working together in a unified mission and strategy than working separately, and I think that’s the hardest part to do in government,” Davis says. “How can we all work together, come together and drive innovation for California government as a whole?”

Davis on how government is changing:

Davis on California’s approach to innovation:

Davis on how government can enable better services:

This video was filmed at the California Innovation Summit on January 15, 2019, presented by VMware, Intel and Carahsoft and produced by StateScoop.