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Sustaining improved public service delivery

Government agencies across the nation were overwhelmed during the early days of the pandemic, trying to respond to the tidal wave of demands on public services. States like New York scrambled to deploy new technology solutions to handle the explosion of unemployment claims. Now, agencies are looking to move beyond many of the emergency IT measures they took during the pandemic and focus on developing sustainable platforms for delivering streamlined and secure public services.

In a new interview, the chief strategic officer for New York’s Department of Labor, Steven Spalten, told StateScoop how the state implemented and automated new IT functions to benefit programs for unemployment insurance — allowing it to streamline the payout of more than $100 billion in benefits. Additionally, Spalten highlights how the state overhauled its external communication systems to ensure resources are available to citizens in many languages — and also leveraged social media for immediate feedback from constituents.

However, it’s essential for state agencies to continue sustaining many of the gains they made during the pandemic by modernizing their identity management practices, said LexisNexis Risk Solutions Senior Director of Market Planning Andy McClenahan. By doing so, state agencies will continue to benefit from streamlining services, improving security and reducing the risk of fraud.

Watch the full interview to hear more about establishing more agile and sustainable IT solutions through automation.

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