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For state CIOs, broadband an essential and pressing challenge

by • 2 weeks ago

On StateScoop's Priorities podcast, the CIOs of Wisconsin and North Carolina share how they're keeping pace with public demand for high-speed connectivity.

Hundreds of Wisconsin elections offices use expired operating systems, official says

by • 1 month ago

The state's election security lead said 527 local clerks access the statewide voter database on devices with operating systems near or past their expiration dates.

Wisconsin energizes mainframe workforce with interns

by • 5 months ago

The technology is old, but the people running it are new.

Cybersecurity policy academy highlights importance of state-local collaboration

by • 5 months ago

Four states that participated in a year-long National Governor's Association program are increasing their efforts to engage local governments on IT security.

Local governments reduce IT costs with enterprise cloud solutions

by • 7 months ago

Legacy infrastructure is a strain on resources and staff hours, but enterprise cloud can reduce costs and improve performance, according to a new report.

'Wall that damn thing off': What government CIOs can do to improve cybersecurity

by • 8 months ago

The number of new applications and new devices coming into use means governments have to architect their networks for defense, San Francisco CIO Linda Gerull said.

How Wisconsin puts IT modernization in the context of future needs

by • 9 months ago

State CIO David Cagigal encourages other state IT leaders to think long-term when considering modernization for the applications they oversee.

Wisconsin expands use of post-election audits

by • 12 months ago

Following recommendations from election-security experts and the national academies, the state will review 5 percent of all ballots cast in elections, beginning in November.

Data breach in small Wisconsin county hits more than 258,000 across state

by • 1 year ago

Adams County's membership in a multi-jurisdictional healthcare consortium allowed the breach to spread far beyond its borders.