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Washington state fails to pass consumer privacy act, again

by • 3 weeks ago

The bill proposed by Sen. Reuven Carlyle for a second year found passage in both houses, which ultimately failed to agree on the issue of enforcement.

Washington state House passes privacy act, but who will enforce it?

by • 3 weeks ago

A key difference in the bill's House and Senate versions centers on the rights of consumers to file lawsuits against companies that violate the proposed law.

Five cities team up to uncover economic-development innovations

by • 1 month ago

Local governments in five states will share best practices and new ideas to boost economic development and improve civic engagement.

Washington state's privacy act faces moment of truth

by • 1 month ago

After clear passage through the state Senate, it's up to members of the state House to decide whether the bill provides the right data-privacy protections to consumers.

Washington state takes another run at its own consumer privacy act

by • 3 months ago

Katy Ruckle, who started as Washington's chief privacy officer this year, says she's hopeful lawmakers can pass a privacy bill as strong as California's.

Washington, Pennsylvania consider blockchain for identity management

by • 4 months ago

At the intersection of cybersecurity and citizen experience, IAM could be improved by blockchain, said two top technology officials.

Identity management ‘foundational’ for service delivery, Washington CIO says

by • 5 months ago

Residents don’t want to juggle various identities and hop around government websites online, says state CIO Jim Weaver.

NASCIO awards top state IT projects and officials for 2019

by • 6 months ago

State projects to map schools and track sexual assault kits were honored alongside three top state technology officials.

AI can transform state workforce, says Washington state CIO

by • 6 months ago

State CIO Jim Weaver says he’s using emerging technologies to pull more employees away from operational components of the state’s businesses.