Vision Zero

'Hopper' tool could help cities prevent traffic fatalities with data

by • 4 years ago

It's a web application that analyzes road conditions and predicts where traffic collisions are most likely to occur.

Volunteers train AI to spot dangerous intersections in D.C.

by • 5 years ago

The District's government has recruited the public to comb through its traffic video archives and fuel a Microsoft platform it hopes will prevent needless roadway deaths.

D.C. introduces daily updates to crash data on open gov portal

by • 5 years ago

The information flow will support the Vision Zero initiative, which aims to reduce the number of traffic-related deaths and serious injuries in the city to zero.

Mapping collision-prone intersections in Seattle, New York and New Orleans

by • 5 years ago

In an effort to end traffic deaths, Microsoft and Datakind team up on a study showing where and why vehicles collide.