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Texas 'tiger team' helps agencies move to the cloud

by • 1 month ago

Building on rising cloud adoption statewide, state CIO Todd Kimbriel says his agency has team dedicated to helping agencies chart their own paths to cloud.

Paper requirement for Texas voting machines dies in legislature

by • 2 months ago

A bill that would've phased out all-digital voting machines that don't produce paper records failed to pass before the Texas legislature ended its session, irking election-security experts.

Texas bill would create public database of wage thieves

by • 2 months ago

A bill making its way through the Texas legislature would rely on open data to publicize wage-stealing employers, many of which currently go unnoticed and unpenalized.

Former Iowa CIO takes job in Abilene, Texas

by • 3 months ago

After more than a decade in state CIO roles, Robert von Wolffradt heads to a midsize city in central Texas.

Three ways state and local governments can get people excited about data projects

by • 3 months ago

State and local government officials say that staying organized and leading with open arms are proven means of building mature data programs.

States' spending on election security expected to pick up in 2019

by • 3 months ago

States have only spent a sliver of their federal grant funding so far, but investment is expected to ramp up heading into the next presidential election.

Texas lawmakers consider firming up chief data officer's role

by • 5 months ago

New legislation would give data-oriented work a more solid footing within state government.

Texas bills would downsize state's data centers, mandate cloud

by • 5 months ago

Lawmakers are pushing for greater oversight of the state's storage solutions after a $1.5 billion contract went forward without their input.

Texas bill would prevent phone companies from 'throttling' first responders' data

by • 5 months ago

The legislation follows an incident in which Verizon cut off firefighters' mobile devices that hit a monthly data limit during the biggest wildfire in California history.