South Bend

South Bend, Indiana, finalizes 'smart sewer' plan after 5 years of retooling

by • 10 months ago

One city leader said federal officials were surprised by the reduction of environmental impact offered at a low cost.

Cities are just getting started with COVID-19 engagement

by • 2 years ago

The health crisis has forced city officials to completely rethink they connect to their constituents, and to start experimenting with new engagement strategies.

South Bend's former innovation chief returns for 'technified' community planning

by • 2 years ago

The Indiana college town's former chief innovation officer, Santiago Garces, returned to run economic development after a stint leading Pittsburgh's IT efforts.

Aspiring 'smart cities' must engage communities, build partnerships and fail fast

by • 6 years ago

Attempting smart city innovation without buy-in from citizens and partnerships is futile, a panel of city and university IT leaders said.