smart state

Illinois rounds up local governments for smart street lighting workshop

by • 4 years ago

Officials say smart streetlights are a foundational technology that will serve as a first step in Illinois' ambitious smart state initiative.

NGA Future launches to advise states on emerging tech

by • 5 years ago

A new division of the National Governors Association will convene a network of experts to help governors understand how to capitalize on fast-moving technologies like AI, bitcoin and the Internet of Things.

Virginia 'Smart Cities' workgroup will gather and guide localities

by • 5 years ago

The governor has created a new coalition charged with writing policies and providing feedback on emerging smart city issues, while convening the broader community.

Illinois launches drive to become first 'smart state' using IoT

by • 6 years ago

CIO Hardik Bhatt wants to jump start the state's use of connected technologies, taking a page from "smart cities" playbook.