Robert Bentley

Alabama creates state Office of Broadband Development

by • 7 years ago

In mid-July, Gov. Robert Bentley signed an executive order to form an Office of Broadband Development, which will oversee efforts to equip its rural citizens.

Alabama governor creates health care task force

by • 7 years ago

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley established a task force to investigate health care improvements in the state through initiatives such as telemedicine.

Election Day primer for governor races

by • 8 years ago

With 36 governorships up for re-election, Tuesday's elections could bring widespread changes to state governments and state IT offices. Here's what to watch.

Alabama announces $372 million in funding to boost transportation

by • 9 years ago

Governor Robert Bentley on Wednesday announced more than 72 million in additional funding for cities and counties participating in the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program.

Alabama cuts energy costs by $3.9 million

by • 9 years ago

Governor Robert Bentley on Thursday announced that the State of Alabama has saved taxpayers nearly four million dollars by cutting energy costs of state government agencies.

Alabama appoints first IT secretary

by • 9 years ago

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley announced Monday the appointment of Brunson White as secretary of information technology, a role he will assume immediately.

Alabama creates new IT secretary role

by • 9 years ago

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed a series of government efficiency measures Thursday that includes a high-level focus targeting the state's technology management and infrastructure.