New Jersey

New Jersey plans on-demand autonomous vehicle network in Trenton

by • 1 month ago

Officials said the project will include 100 autonomous shuttles designed to serve the capital's underserved regions.

New Jersey taps IBM's mainframe as a service

by • 5 months ago

Technology officials said it didn't make sense to invest in another expensive machine as agencies modernize their applications.

CRM critical for states' services, CIO says

by • 6 months ago

Rapid response during the health crisis was facilitated by strong relationships with agency customers, says Texas CIO Amanda Crawford.

New Jersey names new homeland security chief

by • 7 months ago

Gov. Phil Murphy named Laurie Doran, a 30-year CIA veteran, to replace Jared Maples, who is now the NHL's chief security officer.

How cities are using tech to encourage COVID-19 vaccination

by • 8 months ago

The mayors of New Orleans and Newark, New Jersey, said they're using livestreams and sentiment analysis to bolster their vaccination marketing efforts.

States continue tinkering with their unemployment systems

by • 9 months ago

States are still ironing out the policies, procedures and technologies that will allow their unemployment insurance platforms to scale for massive demand.

How the Beeck Center helps improve digital services

by • 9 months ago

Beeck Center fellow Kevin Parker shares what his colleagues are learning as they burrow in with digital service teams in New Jersey, Colorado and New York City.

States’ digital services efforts are evolving

by • 9 months ago

Digital services directors in Colorado and New Jersey say they're getting more sophisticated in how they approach software development in their states.

New Jersey says digital divide among students is 'closed'

by • 10 months ago

Gov. Phil Murphy said every single K-12 public school student now has access to the internet and devices to connect to virtual classrooms.