Michael Watson

Texas and Virginia CISOs embrace 'whole-of-state' cybersecurity

by • 11 months ago

State governments are increasingly roping in more stakeholders when developing their cybersecurity strategies. "Sharing begets sharing," Virginia CISO Michael Watson said.

Rising cyberthreats prompt new techniques in Virginia, CISO says

by • 12 months ago

Virginia CISO Mike Watson says the state has a dedicated cybersecurity vendor under its new multi-sourcing model, while training remains important as ever.

Cybersecurity goes beyond securing the perimeter, state experts say

by • 4 years ago

In the fifth episode of StateScoop Radio’s “Priorities” series, state tech execs say security must be integrated into every aspect of the network.

CISOs underscore need to organize centrally around cyber

by • 5 years ago

State information security officials need to better organize around their roles, responsibilities and weaknesses when fighting cyber threats, experts said.