Michael Nutter

Cities must demonstrate to residents why data is important — panel

by • 6 years ago

A former White House official encouraged cities to talk up how using data can make a difference in a citizen's life.

Philadelphia CIO resigns ahead of mayoral transition

by • 6 years ago

Four years of signing on as Philadelphia's first chief innovation officer, Adel Ebeid has resigned in order to take a position in the private sector.

Could infrared tech 'vaporize' potholes in Philadelphia?

by • 7 years ago

Potholes plague cities after every winter, but one Philadelphia city councilman thinks infrared technology could be the solution for patching potholes faster.

Philly leaps into Meerkat live streaming

by • 7 years ago

Philadelphia city government officials are trying a new way to deliver live news and events to their citizens — via a live streaming app called Meerkat.

Philadelphia rolls out innovation blueprint, 311 upgrade

by • 7 years ago

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter announced a sweeping upgrade of the city's 311 system as part of a broader innovation initiative to engage with citizens.