Kansas children and families agency scoots off the mainframe

by • 9 months ago

The Kansas Department of Children and Families is paying Conduent $6.9 million to replatform its COBOL-based system.

New Jersey taps IBM's mainframe as a service

by • 10 months ago

Technology officials said it didn't make sense to invest in another expensive machine as agencies modernize their applications.

With mainframe support scarce, North Dakota turns to Latvia

by • 1 year ago

After a decade of trying to generate local talent, North Dakota has turned to Eastern Europe for additional mainframe support.

San Francisco replaces 'beast' of tax mainframe with cloud-based solution

by • 2 years ago

It took 18 months to replace a 50-year-old mainframe with new software that allows the city's accountants to access data dashboards and easily make adjustments.

Los Angeles migrates mainframe to California's data center

by • 2 years ago

The city of Los Angeles has become the first local government in the state to migrate its mainframe applications to the state government's data center in Sacramento.

Montana is retiring its mainframe

by • 2 years ago

With just three legacy applications left, officials say they’re nearly ready to move on to a new era in computing.

Wisconsin energizes mainframe workforce with interns

by • 3 years ago

The technology is old, but the people running it are new.

Wyoming puts 'huge' focus on hosted mainframe upgrade

by • 3 years ago

Wyoming Chief Technology Officer Dan Young says the state can no longer find the workforce to support its legacy infrastructure.

Why NASTD's mainframe survey warrants a closer look

by • 4 years ago

Commentary: Claire Bailey, a Compuware executive and former Arkansas chief technology officer, says the mainframe's future is brighter than some recent analysis suggests.