The pandemic taught some cities to help small businesses more

by • 2 days ago

A new small-business portal in Wichita, Kansas, is the latest in a series of initiatives among local governments to offer greater aid to small businesses.

Many Kansas school districts never scan for vulnerabilities, auditor finds

by • 2 weeks ago

The state's education commissioner said districts are not equipped to adhere to basic cybersecurity standards.

Kansas children and families agency scoots off the mainframe

by • 2 months ago

The Kansas Department of Children and Families is paying Conduent $6.9 million to replatform its COBOL-based system.

Kansas forms cybersecurity task force

by • 3 months ago

The group is charged with developing a "comprehensive plan" within 90 days to improve cybersecurity in the state.

Kansas to modernize 40-year-old unemployment system

by • 6 months ago

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly signed a bill this week ordering the state's labor agency to modernize its legacy unemployment system.

NGA picks four states for latest cyber policy academy

by • 7 months ago

Kansas, Missouri, Montana and Washington will work with the National Governors Association to develop policies that may one day be shared with other states.

Kansas taps agriculture CIO to direct statewide IT strategy

by • 11 months ago

Travis Rail, who spent six years as the CIO for the Kansas Department of Agriculture, is now the statewide chief information technology architect.

Kansas CISO moves to El Paso County, Texas

by • 1 year ago

Rod Blunt served as Kansas' top cybersecurity official for nearly 16 years, and developed the state's information security office and cybersecurity strategy.

Kansas' new coronavirus bill puts privacy limits on contact tracing

by • 1 year ago

An emergency bill makes compliance voluntary and bans the use of mobile location data to track the identity or movements of the state's COVID-19 patients.