Kansas taps agriculture CIO to direct statewide IT strategy

by • 1 week ago

Travis Rail, who spent six years as the CIO for the Kansas Department of Agriculture, is now the statewide chief information technology architect.

Kansas CISO moves to El Paso County, Texas

by • 4 months ago

Rod Blunt served as Kansas' top cybersecurity official for nearly 16 years, and developed the state's information security office and cybersecurity strategy.

Kansas' new coronavirus bill puts privacy limits on contact tracing

by • 6 months ago

An emergency bill makes compliance voluntary and bans the use of mobile location data to track the identity or movements of the state's COVID-19 patients.

Digital medical licenses could help doctors practice across state lines

by • 8 months ago

A company that digitizes professional licenses is offering states access to its software to validate medical licenses as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Half of Kansas' audited agencies failed cybersecurity checks

by • 9 months ago

Many Kansas agencies, including the university system and secretary of state, were found to have major gaps in their IT security practices and policies.

Kansas IT chief Lee Allen steps down

by • 1 year ago

DeAngela Burns-Wallace, the state's secretary of administration, will also serve as Kansas' new chief information technology officer, Gov. Laura Kelly said.

Amid IT consolidation, Kansas' tech chief tries to win back trust

by • 1 year ago

A decade of aggressive efforts to pull control of technology services away from cabinet agencies has state IT chief Lee Allen poised for a more subtle approach.

Kansas' digital services app has reached one-third of eligible users, IT chief says

by • 1 year ago

Kansas Chief Information Technology Officer Lee Allen said the state's iKan mobile app has been downloaded by more than 350,000 of the state's residents since its April 2018 launch.

Kansas terminates 'no-bid' contracts valued at $112 million

by • 2 years ago

Gov. Laura Kelly said her decision to cancel the agreements with vendor CGI follows an earlier promise to improve transparency in the state.