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'Converge' as a group for better state IT budgeting, tech leaders say

by • 3 weeks ago

The top technology officials from Pennsylvania and West Virginia say bringing an enterprise together for budgeting talks can generate unexpected business value.

Pennsylvania to centralize digital services, hire chief data officer

by • 3 months ago

Gov. Tom Wolf has announced a new position within the state's technology leadership and a plan to "transform" digital government.

How Pennsylvania is taking tech modernization 'to a new level'

by • 8 months ago

Through use of the state's data stores and building new relationships, Pennsylvania CIO John MacMillan says agencies are finding value.

Pennsylvania focuses on making state government more efficient in IT strategic plan

by • 3 years ago

Chief Information Officer John MacMillan lays out the four goals for the state’s information technology office over the next three years.

Meet the StateScoop 50 GoldenGov Nominees: Pennsylvania CIO John MacMillan

by • 3 years ago

MacMillan describes his cloud-focused work over the course of his first year in office.

Elections, retirements bring in new state CIOs in 2015

by • 4 years ago

In a tumultuous year for state information technology, more than 20 states welcomed new CIOs due to changes from elections, retirements or resignations.

One Year In: Pa. rethinks its cloud budgeting plan

by • 4 years ago

Pennsylvania officials had wanted to use a “pay as you go” model for its next generation of cloud services. But the state CIO said that didn’t mesh with how the state budgets funding.

Pennsylvania unveils online portal for list purchases

by • 4 years ago

Access to the Pennsylvania state government's lists of licenses and other data will be more accessible, thanks to a new portal on the state's website.

Pennsylvania recruits students to help go mobile-first

by • 4 years ago

From a mobile website for drug and alcohol addiction resources to a historical museum marker app, Pennsylvania is finding new help and recruits to help the commonwealth build better mobile apps.