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'Bipartisan consensus' in place for facial recognition regulation, lawmakers say

by • 3 days ago

Legislation to regulate the face-matching technology will come soon, according to Rep. Elijah Cummings, who chairs the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

ACLU urges Amazon shareholders to stop selling facial-recognition tech to government

by • 6 days ago

The group says Amazon's sale of its "Rekognition" tool presents a "grave threat to communities" that must be stopped.

Police have been feeding celebrity photos, doctored images into facial-recognition systems

by • 1 week ago

New research shows that a lack of clear standards for using the technology has led many agencies to resort to an array of questionable practices in attempting to identify criminal suspects.

Could facial recognition save Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam?

by • 4 months ago

An expert on the technology says using facial recognition on a decades-old photo is a "long shot at best."

San Francisco weighs nation's first facial recognition ban

by • 4 months ago

A new bill would ban San Francisco's city government from using facial recognition technology while adding significant limits on procuring any surveillance technology.

Atlanta airport opens first biometric terminal in U.S.

by • 6 months ago

Passengers on international flights with five airlines now have the option to go through every step of the boarding process using facial-recognition scans.

D.C. airports are selling their in-house facial-recognition system to other airports

by • 9 months ago

Washington Dulles International Airport is the latest terminal to adopt the new biometric screening technology, but when commercial options were too costly, it developed its own solution.

Facial recognition technology catches first impostor at D.C. airport

by • 9 months ago

A man departing from Sao Paulo attempted to use a French passport that turned out not to be his.

Despite public opposition, Bay Area Rapid Transit board moves forward on $20 million surveillance upgrades

by • 10 months ago

San Francisco area locals who showed up to a public meeting said they were "outraged" and "disgusted" at 12 proposals for new security upgrades on their train system.

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