Ervan Rodgers

How did the pandemic affect states' IT modernization efforts?

by • 3 weeks ago

The CIOs of Nebraska and Ohio said their success in weathering the pandemic was largely thanks to preparation and good governance.

Ohio’s cloud smart initiative key to innovations during pandemic

by • 4 months ago

Ohio CIO Ervan Rodgers discusses how their modern approach to cloud allowed programs to push out key collaboration and AI-enabled tools quickly and meet citizen needs.

Ohio’s CIO on state’s agility and innovation during COVID-19

by • 7 months ago

Ervan Rodgers shares how collaboration between state agencies and the vendor community is improving citizen services and reducing operational costs.

Ohio CIO says pandemic prompted statewide cybersecurity push

by • 10 months ago

"It’s everyone’s, not just IT’s, burden to bear," Ervan Rodgers said during an online conference.

As economies reopen, demands on state IT begin to flatten

by • 11 months ago

State technology officials have been slammed with new projects to support other agencies during the pandemic, but two officials in Ohio said they're finally planning for life back in the office.

Ohio says collaboration fixed its business portal

by • 1 year ago

A drop in help-desk tickets and faster turnaround times on paperwork are being attributed to strong collaboration between agencies and jurisdictions.

Coronavirus tests states' cybersecurity, IT supply chains

by • 1 year ago

With governors around the country ordering their workforces to perform duties remotely, CIOs face new logistical problems.

State CIOs strive to craft unified, simple user experiences

by • 1 year ago

States are designing citizen experience not defined by bureaucratic boundaries, but with ease of access and convenience in mind.

Why Ohio aspires to be 'the next Amazon' for user experience

by • 1 year ago

People are increasingly demanding improved digital services and Ohio CIO Ervan Rodgers says it's his office's goal to use data to provide that improved service.