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‘10 percent’ of Nebraska IT’s workforce is new graduates

by • 3 months ago

State CIO Ed Toner says his key to keeping the state’s technology workforce fresh has been strong partnerships with local colleges. 

How cloud-based ERP systems help CIOs and CFOs improve their operations

by • 9 months ago

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning systems produce cost and time savings for HR, finance and IT departments at state and local agencies, an expert says.

Cook County overcomes 'tremendous amount of skepticism' to complete $75 million ERP upgrade

by • 1 year ago

Officials of the Chicago-area municipality tick off the benefits of combining eight outdated systems into a single modern solution for all 22,000 county employees.

Alabama CIO navigates thin budget to fund new tech, cyber

by • 5 years ago

As Alabama fights to pass a budget that will fully fund its government, state IT officials like Brunson White are forced to make do with what they have.