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Financially stressed by outbreak, fire departments foray into digital

by • 1 day ago

As one of the slowest industries to adopt new technology, fire departments are now trying new apps and services, chiefs say, as the pandemic stretches resources thin.

Amid virus outbreak—and an earthquake—CIOs keep their heads down

by • 1 week ago

As public emergencies arise, state technology officials say they're doing what they can to keep government running smoothly.

Wildfire tech, cybersecurity upgrades in California's 2020 budget

by • 2 months ago

Fire officials could get a new intelligence center for data-analysis, as California's security operations center gains a more stable backing.

Emergency declarations improve cyberattack recovery, report says

by • 8 months ago

A new report from Moody's says Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards minimized damage by declaring a statewide emergency after a ransomware attack last month.

South Carolina experiment adds social media to 911 response

by • 1 year ago

And it works best when the data is curated before it reaches a first responder.

When natural disasters strike, these tips may save cities' wireless services

by • 2 years ago

Wireless trade organization CTIA has released a set of best practices to help cities and internet service providers preserve and repair wireless infrastructure during natural disasters.