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New Jersey's Twitter account is unabashedly New Jersey

by • 11 hours ago

Most state governments' official Twitter accounts just share press releases and service advisories. New Jersey's talks about your mom.

Connecticut launches ‘problem-based’ procurement for digital government

by • 3 weeks ago

State CIO Mark Raymond said the new process should yield more creative solutions, more quickly.

Indiana CIO Dewand Neely to step down

by • 1 month ago

After 15 years with the state, the chief information officer said he's found another role with a local nonprofit that he thinks will sate his need for public service.

Massachusetts' first chief digital and data officer steps down

by • 2 months ago

After four years with the commonwealth, Holly St. Clair is taking her first role in the private sector, at a local architecture and urban development firm.

Delaware IT agency elevates partnerships by embedding staff

by • 2 months ago

State CIO James Collins said he places customer engagement officials in each partner agency to improve how they work together.

Digital government starts with ‘evangelizing’ new ideas

by • 2 months ago

New Hampshire’s CIO says transforming government isn’t about technology, but changing the thought patterns on those who control it.

How state agencies benefit from a CMS platform to collaboration on case files

by • 3 months ago

Modern content management systems are improving how agencies manage structured and unstructured data through workflows and across departments, says IT expert.

Digital government's challenges are rarely technical

by • 6 months ago

According to the CIOs of Delaware and New Hampshire, advancing digital government is often a matter of convincing other state officials it's a good idea.

Kansas' digital services app has reached one-third of eligible users, IT chief says

by • 6 months ago

Kansas Chief Information Technology Officer Lee Allen said the state's iKan mobile app has been downloaded by more than 350,000 of the state's residents since its April 2018 launch.