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Digital government's challenges are rarely technical

by • 2 months ago

According to the CIOs of Delaware and New Hampshire, advancing digital government is often a matter of convincing other state officials it's a good idea.

Kansas' digital services app has reached one-third of eligible users, IT chief says

by • 3 months ago

Kansas Chief Information Technology Officer Lee Allen said the state's iKan mobile app has been downloaded by more than 350,000 of the state's residents since its April 2018 launch.

Why New York City spent a year converting its 500-page hazard plan into a website

by • 3 months ago

Officials say the paper version of its plan was "hard to digest" and went unchanged for years at a time.

Amazon and Google devices can now look up Iowa government services

by • 4 months ago

Iowa joins a growing list of states seeking new ways to provide information to the public.

Paperless government could be coming to New Jersey

by • 8 months ago

Legislation now making its way through the state Senate would establish a task force to evaluate whether a paper-free executive branch is feasible.

Despite digital ambitions, governments fail to scale initiatives, survey shows

by • 12 months ago

A research firm's recent government survey reveals a mismatch between what government wants and what it's able to do.

Why user-centered design research is time-consuming and totally worth it

by • 1 year ago

Three of state government's biggest design proponents told a conference audience how and why they should consider a new approach to their digital government solutions.