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What state CIOs can learn from Texas’ identity and access solutions

by • 9 months ago

By moving to centralize identity and access solutions, Texas IT officials have laid the groundwork to lower costs and unify users’ online experience.

How state agencies can streamline users' online experience using IAM

by • 10 months ago

A modern identity and access management platform plays a central role in the overhaul of the Texas.gov portal.

Three 'bold plays' for improving state cybersecurity

by • 10 months ago

Deloitte & Touche LLP Principal Srini Subramanian introduces the 2018 NASCIO-Deloitte Cyber Study and the bold plays the report recommends state chief information security officers consider.

Arkansas' $340 million government assistance software contract is under protest

by • 11 months ago

The contract would replace the state's government-assistance enrollment software that it first attempted to replace in 2013.

Experts optimistic that AI could save government billions of hours through automation

by • 2 years ago

By freeing workers from mundane tasks, officials and analysts say artificial intelligence could enable government to focus more closely on its mission.

Diversity, collaboration central to Rhode Island CIO's management style

by • 2 years ago

In his first government role, recently-appointed state Chief Information Officer Bijay Kumar says he's looking for allies to turn around the state's flagging IT projects.

Report: U.S. will fall behind on 5G without massive fiber investment

by • 2 years ago

To remain a global leader in the next generation of wireless technology, the U.S. will need to spend at least 30 billion on fiber optics within the next several years, according to an industry report.

AI could save government $41 billion, report says

by • 2 years ago

Technologies like computer vision, machine learning and natural language processing will transform government at all levels sooner than people think, researchers report.

Failed benefits portal prompts IT freeze in Rhode Island

by • 3 years ago

Still grappling with the troubled launch of its health benefits portal, Rhode Island halted all state IT development until a new project management framework is in place.