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Data breach in Maine exposes private information of 2,100 foster parents

by • 1 year ago

The information was inadvertently made public on a third-party website. The contractor who made the error was fired.

Bill to change New York data breach law nears next steps

by • 3 years ago

Sen. Michael Venditto's legislation to change how the state's IT office responds to data breaches is now up for consideration by Senate lawmakers.

South Carolina officials discuss privacy as deadline to set security controls nears

by • 3 years ago

CISO Marcos Vieyra and CPO Theodora Wills detailed their efforts to bolster data security in the state following a massive breach in 2012.

Commentary: Why the 'OPIE' leak is so devastating to U.S

by • 4 years ago

Former career intelligence executive Richard Russell says past policy decisions to save money and ignored warnings led to "greatest PII data breach in U.S. history."

Data breach bill hits governor’s desk in Connecticut

by • 4 years ago

If Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy signs SB 949, new requirements on businesses in the state for data breaches will go into effect.

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