Capitalize on new federal funding for expanding broadband services

by • 2 months ago

Public sector leaders have an opportunity to bring broadband to the unconnected but can make new funding go further by partnering with broadband experts.

Philadelphia launches $17 million free-internet campaign

by • 2 years ago

A new initiative supported by Comcast and T-Mobile is the first phase of a digital equity program the city says will use public-private partnerships for “reimagining public technology access services.”

San Francisco prioritizes net neutrality in latest citywide fiber report

by • 4 years ago

A "Blue Ribbon" panel leading development of citywide high-speed internet makes new calls for citizen privacy and measures to stop providers from blocking or throttling content.

Municipal broadband advocates cry foul amid Seattle mayoral race

by • 5 years ago

As the city takes another look at municipal broadband, the region's dominant internet service providers put their money behind the candidate who would oppose government's entrance to the market.

Big campaign donations raise the stakes for Illinois' attempt to pass data privacy legislation

by • 5 years ago

As a national tug of war over data privacy moves away from Washington, two landmark bills in Illinois stagger toward passage amid claims of foul play.

Seattle sets concrete steps to bridge digital divide with new action plan

by • 6 years ago

CTO Michael Mattmiller discusses the city's new roadmap for building digital equity over the next three years.

Chattanooga launches super-fast Internet service as private competition ramps up

by • 7 years ago

The Tennessee city is now just the second community in the country to offer the blazing fast connection speed.