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Montana deploys chatbot fleet, eliminating thousands of support calls

by • 2 years ago

With virtually no funding and a lone writer on staff to handle technical development, the state's motor vehicles agency is transforming how it does customer service.

Meet PAIGE, San Francisco's promising young IT procurement chatbot

by • 2 years ago

Advanced new virtual assistants like this one are bottling and distributing government's hidden institutional knowledge.

Emerging technologies empower government to respond to constituent demand

by • 2 years ago

Commentary: Leaders from consultancy NIC Inc. say technologies like chatbots, "voice-first" devices, and virtual reality are enabling government to serve its public like never before.

Procurement, cybersecurity, innovation top priorities under North Carolina's new technology chief

by • 3 years ago

After a few weeks as the state's leading technology official, Eric Boyette shares his outlook for North Carolina's IT future as one of opportunity and partnership.