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CIOs should use governance, cost savings to urge collaboration

by • 2 months ago

On an episode of the Priorities podcast, state IT leaders say governance that forces cost savings and collaboration is most effective.

Cloud sets the baseline for analytics, cost savings in Arizona

by • 5 months ago

Arizona CIO Morgan Reed says the state's cloud-first policy has resulted in millions of dollars of savings for the state and set the baseline for better data analysis.

State chief data officers have some suggestions for the White House as it revises federal data guidelines

by • 9 months ago

A group of 13 top statewide CDOs wrote in support for the Federal Data Strategy initiatives, but is asking for closer collaboration with state and local government stakeholders.

Arizona gets tough on businesses with new data breach reporting law

by • 10 months ago

Among new requirements, the law boosts the maximum civil penalty for a knowing statute violation from 0,000 per breach to 00,000.

Three ways state governments are approaching cybersecurity well

by • 11 months ago

Cybersecurity continues to be a struggle for most state governments, but a report from New America highlights novel approaches in Arizona, New Jersey, and Washington.

Uber ends autonomous-vehicle program in Arizona

by • 11 months ago

The announcement comes two months after one of Uber's self-driving cars fatally struck a pedestrian. About 200 employees will be laid off, the company said.

Arizona hires cybersecurity firm to manage risk across state government

by • 1 year ago

All 133 state agencies will use New Mexico-based firm RiskSense to monitor their exposure to cyberattacks.

Self-driving car ban bill introduced in Minnesota Senate

by • 1 year ago

State legislators are reacting quickly to the death of a woman struck by a self-driving Uber test vehicle in Tempe, Arizona, earlier this month.

Autonomous Uber vehicle death in Arizona has many second-guessing the technology

by • 1 year ago

Fervor has abated slightly as automakers, legislators and the public now take a more cautious view of the emerging technology.

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