Someone is selling VPN access to a city government in Arizona

by • 16 hours ago

A cybercriminal middleman wants $30,000 for credentials allowing access to a wide range of systems in an unnamed Arizona city, the intelligence firm GroupSense said.

Software glitch keeps Arizona inmates eligible for release behind bars

by • 3 days ago

A whistleblower report found that an inmate management system wasn't adjusted for a new early-release formula, keeping hundreds locked up for too long.

Tucson, Arizona, is building a municipal broadband network

by • 3 weeks ago

Tucson Chief Information Officer Collin Boyce said the new network will support government offices, students and elderly residents who've been affected by the pandemic.

'StateRAMP' group aims to grade state and local vendors' security

by • 1 month ago

Modeled after FedRAMP for federal cloud providers, StateRAMP seeks to bring vendor standardization to state and local government.

State leader on lowering IT costs during pandemic

by • 2 months ago

Arizona’s Doug Lange shares how the state’s strategy to invest in cloud-based technology helped them save millions in cost avoidance and infrastructure savings.

COVID-19 made geospatial leaders ‘front page news’

by • 3 months ago

The pandemic, and the need to use digital mapping to respond to it, elevated the role of GIS leaders in state governments.

Chatbots were a 'godsend' for states' pandemic responses, CIOs said

by • 4 months ago

Technologies that can help agencies automate processes were a huge help this year, but there are still some pockets of reluctance in government, several state CIOs said.

Four states join cybersecurity automation pilot

by • 7 months ago

Arizona, Louisiana, Massachusetts and Texas are working with a Johns Hopkins University lab to speed up how they react to threat intelligence.

One Arizona county is showing what GIS can do for elections

by • 8 months ago

Maricopa County, Arizona, which is home to more than 2.4 million voters, has used geospatial information systems to perfect its legislative and precinct maps, and grow voter participation. But GIS adoption still lags in many other jurisdictions.