Amid backlash, Worcester, Mass., approves predictive-crime software

by • 1 year ago

Worcester officials approved the use of software that uses automated data analysis to direct when and where police patrols visit certain neighborhoods.

Pitt think tank to review ethics of algorithms in local governments

by • 3 years ago

The former federal prosecutor running the task force said there's a place for AI-backed technologies like facial recognition, but that governments can "do better."

NYC algorithm task force makes broad suggestions in final report

by • 3 years ago

Mayor Bill de Blasio also announced the creation of a new position of algorithms management and policy officer to oversee the city's use of algorithms.

In first meeting, NYC algorithm task force talks racial biases, 'dirty data'

by • 3 years ago

Expert witnesses told the 18-member panel how the data-driven algorithms the city uses can sometimes lead to racially biased policies.

New York City's algorithm task force to hold first public meetings nearly a year after creation

by • 3 years ago

The first public meeting is scheduled for April 30, but transparency advocates say the city has been slow to open its discussions to the public.