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When it comes to monitoring sex offenders, the public tends to be a little more permissive about predictive policing. That accounts partially for the success of OffenderWatch, a tool that serves as a public database of offenders, an app that detects when offenders are nearby and a predictive tool that helps law enforcement keep tabs on offenders. The company’s founder, Mike Cormaci, told StateScoop his tech is used by law enforcement at all levels of government, up to the U.S. Marshals Service. Several sheriffs’ offices in Ohio, New York and Wyoming have signed up to begin using the software within the last few months. Information on offenders — like employment status, family relationships and missed check-ins — is run through an algorithm that tips off officers when an offender is calculated to be at high risk of reoffending.

Colin Wood

Written by Colin Wood

Colin Wood is the editor in chief of StateScoop and EdScoop. He's reported on government information technology policy for more than a decade, on topics including cybersecurity, IT governance and public safety.

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