Atlanta CIO says city has moved more systems to cloud since ransomware attack

by Benjamin Freed • 4 days ago

Nine months after a crippling cyberattack, Gary Brantley, who was hired in September, says the city is also lending its experience to other governments.

U.S. adds charges in Georgia against suspects in Atlanta ransomware attack

by Benjamin Freed • 1 week ago

A second indictment against the suspected SamSam hackers says the virus infected nearly 3,800 computers owned by the city.

Ransomware spree against Atlanta, Newark and others leads to indictment of 2 Iranians

by Benjamin Freed • 3 weeks ago

The Justice Department charged two Iranian citizens with developing and deploying the SamSam ransomware virus that extracted more than $6 million from its victims and cost millions more in damage.

Valdez, Alaska paid off ransomware hackers

by Benjamin Freed • 3 weeks ago

The small city agreed to pay its hackers a bitcoin sum equal to more than $26,000 for a decryption key for the ransomware virus known as Hermes.

Washington, D.C., names Suneel Cherukuri as permanent CISO

by Benjamin Freed • 1 month ago

Cherukuri succeeds the city's first CISO, John MacMichael, who stepped down in January.

Indiana National Guard recovers from ransomware attack on state server

by Ryan Johnston • 2 months ago

The server included military and civilian personal information, but officials say the malware used doesn't typically compromise data.

Georgia CIO details state's plans for its new $100 million cybersecurity center

by Benjamin Freed • 2 months ago

Calvin Rhodes said the new facility will be used to train Army Cyber Command personnel and state and local IT workers trying to prevent future cyberattacks.

On cybersecurity, many local governments still lack strategic or disruption response plans

by Public Technology Institute • 2 months ago

A new infographic from the Public Technology Institute shows that while local governments are increasingly adopting cybersecurity training for employees, they often lack cyber planning.

Most people don't want to access government services with their mobile devices

by Colin Wood • 2 months ago

New data from Unisys shows that while there is demand for mobile access, it's more nuanced than sometimes portrayed by technologists.

Ransomware hits North Carolina water utility

by Colin Wood • 2 months ago

Officials described the resultant data loss as “catastrophic.”

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