Ohio pushes for air traffic control system for drones in latest strategic plan

by Colin Wood • 1 week ago

An official from the state's transportation department said it can't focus only on building out more highway lanes forever.

NYPD to deploy 14 drones across city

by Ryan Johnston • 1 week ago

The department's technical assistance response unit will use the drones to assist officers in certain investigations.

California is planning a technology conference to help it fight wildfires

by Benjamin Freed • 2 weeks ago

After the most destructive and deadly year for wildfires in recent memory, state officials will look to innovate ways to combat future blazes.

Ohio cities sign up to be autonomous-vehicle testing grounds

by Benjamin Freed • 2 weeks ago

Columbus, Athens, Dublin and Marysville entered agreements with the state to open their roads and infrastructure to self-driving and connected cars.

After Maria, Puerto Rico sees blank canvas for innovation, cloud

by Jake Williams • 2 weeks ago

Puerto Rico's CIO Luis Arocho explains how the territory can embrace innovation and modernization during the course of recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

Federal officials say drones present an emergent cybersecurity risk

by Colin Wood • 2 months ago

Government is now dividing the task of managing new threats they expect to arrive from the sky.

Helping governors stay ahead of the innovation curve

by Brian Sandoval • 2 months ago

Commentary: Brian Sandoval, governor of Nevada and 2017-18 chair of the National Governors Association, urges governors to keep pace with rapidly changing energy and transportation technologies.

'Internet of things' poised for greatest impact, local IT leaders say

by Public Technology Institute • 2 months ago

IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain and autonomous systems top the list of most impactful emerging technologies for local government, according to a new infographic from the Public Technology Institute.

A 'major win' for the geospatial community awaits president's signature

by Colin Wood • 2 months ago

Experts say the Geospatial Data Act will address longstanding shortcomings in national standards and policies.

Drones assist in search for missing kangaroo after escape from Florida man's wildlife sanctuary

by Benjamin Freed • 3 months ago

The Florida Highway Patrol is using two drones to search for the kangaroo, which went missing Monday.

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