Los Angeles ditches mainframe for California's data center

by Colin Wood • 1 day ago

The city has signed a three-year $10.5 million deal that officials say will free it from legacy infrastructure that is weighing down progress.

Rural Jackson County, Ga., recovering from ransomware attack

by Benjamin Freed • 2 weeks ago

The attack knocked out all county email services and forced the sheriff's department to revert to recording arrests and jail bookings on paper.

How dark fiber can support flexible networks for local government

by Betsy Foresman • 2 weeks ago

At a National Association of Counties conference, IT leaders shared the benefits and challenges of municipally owned fiberoptic networks.

Small counties serious about cybersecurity should meet their state CIOs

by Benjamin Freed • 2 weeks ago

Speakers at a county leaders conference also urged IT officials to find people in their own organizations who are equally serious about cybersecurity.

Ohio cybersecurity bill focuses on election security, civilian response group

by Benjamin Freed • 3 weeks ago

The bill would allow the secretary of state's office to hire a chief information security officer, and fund the creation of a unit of civilian cybersecurity professionals to respond to attacks on state or local government.

Indiana Gov. Holcomb gives rural broadband a $100 million boost

by Colin Wood • 4 weeks ago

According to his office, it's the state's largest single investment in broadband in Indiana history.

Auditor's report uncovers the decade that ruined Minnesota's licensing and registration system

by Colin Wood • 4 weeks ago

A report from the legislative auditor's office blames the struggling $100 million system on an amorphous band of public safety and IT department leaders.

California needs modernization for cloud success, CTO says

by Jake Williams • 1 month ago

On the Priorities podcast, California CTO Richard Rogers says that the state needs a modernization and workforce strategy for true adoption of cloud.

Blockchain voting could grow beyond West Virginia

by Benjamin Freed • 1 month ago

The company behind West Virginia's much-scrutinized blockchain-encrypted ballots for overseas voters says other states have expressed interest.

State's voting machines pose 'clear and present danger,' warns Pennsylvania election security commission

by Benjamin Freed • 2 months ago

In a new report, the body urges the state to replace its touchscreen-based machines with those producing paper ballots as soon as possible.

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