Michigan builds ‘predictive government’ services using mobile, cloud, data and cyber teams

As states continue to put a premium on becoming mobile- or cloud-first, Michigan is taking the next step of merging those approachestogether, state Chief Information Officer David Behen says.

The state is taking the cloud-first, mobile-first and data strategies and combining them to create the ideal vehicle for citizen service delivery, he explained.

Our top priorities for 2017 are [centered around] something called customer-centered government, Behen told StateScoop in September. It really brings together the strategies weve had in place for the past few years around a mobile-first strategy, a cloud-first strategy, a big data or we call it enterprise information management strategy and a cybersecurity strategy.

The center point for all of it, Behen said, is MiPage a mobile application that gives residents access to government services in the state. The MiPage division is lead by Suzanne Pauley, the director of eMichigan, the state’s web development office.

MiPages are mobile citizen-centric portals, Pauley said. [Residents can] download a web app and access all of the services that are mobile-friendly throughout the state of Michigan.

On the back end, Pauley and Behen and their teams are coordinating the cloud, mobile, data and cybersecurity teams. The idea is to combine forces and create a single sign-on so when residents log in, they can enjoy seamless integration across state services.

From there, users also have access to a data profile that contains all the information the state has that relates to the services that particular resident uses.

We call it predictive government, Pauley said. [MiPage] can actually suggest things or tell you when you need to take some action.