MIT's five-day drone perfect for disaster response

by • 4 years ago

The 150-pound drone can fly for approximately five days straight, researchers say, while carrying essential telecommunications equipment to areas of need during emergencies.

Michigan drone legislation zooms in on hunters

by • 7 years ago

Michigan lawmakers are considering legislation that would block hunters from using drone technology for hunting animals — but would also prevent anti-hunting groups from using drones to harass hunters.

Virginia could see $342 million from drones

by • 7 years ago

The growth of unmanned aerial vehicles could yield Virginia 42 million in additional economic activity over the next 10 years -- if state officials can seize the opportunity.

Interview: Intel's Nigel Ballard on Oregon's UAV site selection

by • 8 years ago

Nigel Ballard, Intel's director of federal marketing and a member of the board of directors for Oregon's Unmanned Aerial Vehicle investment group, joins StateScoop Radio to talk about Oregon partnering with Alaska and Hawaii to be named one of the Federal Aviation Administration's six UAV test sites.