TransparentBusiness founder offers $1 million for Putin's arrest

by • 4 months ago

Alex Konanykhin, a Russian expat who founded TransparentBusiness, said he wants the Russian president arrested as a war criminal over the invasion of Ukraine.

Productivity-tracking firm TransparentBusiness made a TV show called 'Unicorn Hunters'

by • 1 year ago

The Circle of Money on "Unicorn Hunters" stars the founders of TransparentBusiness. And also Lance Bass.

Vendor-tracking software firm wields pandemic in latest pitch to states

by • 2 years ago

TransparentBusiness, which last year lobbied nearly every state to use its software to monitor IT contractors, sees an opening in the telework surge.

Contractor-monitoring software bills that worried state CIOs mostly failed to pass

by • 3 years ago

Bills filed in 32 states requiring aggressive contractor monitoring software have mostly failed to pass, but there's always New Jersey.

Industry groups urge state legislators to oppose tracking software bills

by • 3 years ago

A coalition of 14 trade associations are fighting legislation in 30 states that would force government contractors to install aggressive tracking software.

How one company is enticing lobbyists to push contractor-monitoring software

by • 3 years ago

A document acquired by StateScoop reveals new details of a business plan that, if successful, state IT officials fear could break compliance and taint vendor relationships.

Nationwide lobbying push for contractor monitoring software alarms state CIOs

by • 3 years ago

Similar bills are popping up around the country that would require state contractors to take screenshots of their computers every three minutes.