Most local CIOs expect budgets to increase as cyber concerns mount, survey finds

by • 2 months ago

An annual survey by CompTIA's Public Technology Institute found that more than 80% of city and county CIOs expect their budgets to increase.

K-12 cyber awareness still lagging among leadership, say IT staff

by • 5 months ago

Just 12% of K-12 tech leaders said their school board members have a high degree of awareness of cyberthreats facing the education sector.

State and local IT officials aim to follow Biden cybersecurity order, survey finds

by • 7 months ago

SolarWinds found that while not bound to it, many state and local IT officials are trying to adopt parts of the White House's cybersecurity directive.

Government CIOs focusing more on analytics — those who aren't will 'fall behind'

by • 4 years ago

New survey data from research firm Gartner shows that AI and machine learning are also ranked among the top technologies set to transform organizations.

Despite digital ambitions, governments fail to scale initiatives, survey shows

by • 4 years ago

A research firm's recent government survey reveals a mismatch between what government wants and what it's able to do.

People want more police technology, but not more surveillance

by • 5 years ago

New survey data shows a public that is conflicted about how law enforcement adopts new technologies like body-worn cameras and online crime reporting tools.

Cybersecurity confidence wanes among state and local government leaders

by • 5 years ago

A new study shows that IT professionals are neglecting cybersecurity training programs and feeling increasingly unprepared to handle cyberattacks.

Broadband report: Prohibitive state rules run counter to popular opinion

by • 5 years ago

A new report from the Pew Research Center shows public opinion aligns with city leaders and runs counter to positions held by many states and Big Telecom lobbyists.

Pedestrian survey finds 'surprising' acceptance of self-driving vehicles

by • 5 years ago

From research on public roads to cycling alongside them, data from one city's survey finds that a majority of people feel comfortable living around autonomous tech.