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Pensacola, Florida, cyberattack is ransomware, officials confirm

by • 2 days ago

Hackers responsible for a November attack against the global facilities services company Allied Universal have claimed responsibility.

Louisiana CIO shares ransomware's silver lining

by • 4 days ago

Though disruptive, ransomware in Louisiana connected state and education officials and matured the state's cybersecurity posture.

States need better data recovery to forestall ransomware threats

by • 4 days ago

A third of state government officials in a new survey have experienced a ransomware attack; a majority still need help improving data recovery and response capabilities.

Ransomware drives West Virginia to new endpoint detection and response

by • 2 weeks ago

The escalating risk brought on by ransomware is guiding new policies and purchases in state government, says state CTO Joshua Spence.

New Hampshire helps local governments with ransomware

by • 2 weeks ago

Resources are tight in municipal offices and besides, says state CIO Denis Goulet, "All it takes is one click.”

Louisiana issues another emergency declaration over ransomware

by • 3 weeks ago

Gov. John Bel Edwards issued his second emergency declaration in less than six months because of a ransomware attack.

'User education' key to prevent ransomware, says state cyber commander

by • 3 weeks ago

"There’s always that one user who gets the email and wants to click on it," said Maj. Alan Dunn of the Louisiana National Guard. "That’s 85 to 90 percent of your battle."

Louisiana government hit with ransomware attack

by • 4 weeks ago

Officials said the attack, which involved the Ryuk malware, did not result in any data loss.

North Carolina municipalities get state’s help on ransomware protection

by • 1 month ago

State CIO Eric Boyette says North Carolina’s cybersecurity resources are being deployed to aid local governments where they’re needed most.