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Baltimore anticipates 90 percent recovery from ransomware by week's end

by • 2 weeks ago

Baltimore officials say the city is steadily recovering from the May 7 cyberattack by the RobbinHood virus, sticking to an estimate of $18 million in damages.

Report: Risk assessment called Baltimore 'natural target' for cyberattack

by • 3 weeks ago

Meanwhile, a city budget official said the cost of a May 7 ransomware attack could reach $18.2 million in emergency spending and lost productivity.

2018 was 'a bad year' for ransomware, but so far 2019 is no better

by • 4 weeks ago

Ransomware incidents in Baltimore and Jackson County, Georgia, and are extending a run of cyberattacks on state and local governments that officials say will likely continue.

What Colorado learned from treating a cyberattack like a disaster

by • 1 month ago

When the state's transportation department saw last February that its initial response wasn't working, the governor called for additional help amid a ransomware infection that was spinning out of control.

Report: Ransomware attacks against state and local government are on the rise

by • 1 month ago

Reports of ransomware attacks against state and local governments jumped 39 percent in 2018, according to research from cybersecurity firm Recorded Future.

'RobbinHood' ransomware knocks out city services in Baltimore

by • 1 month ago

Email and phone lines at some agencies have been shut down, and the city has turned off other servers as it investigates.

Cleveland officials plead ignorance on airport ransomware incident, local media unimpressed

by • 2 months ago

A cyberattack that affected information screens for passengers and airport employees' emails has largely been mitigated, but officials are now facing scrutiny for how they briefed the public.

In Albany ransomware attack, officials say information was not compromised

by • 2 months ago

Mayor Kathy Sheehan said any data lost to last month's cyberattack are being rebuilt from paper files or unaffected systems, but accounts on the incident vary.

Albany, N.Y. hit with ransomware attack, mayor says

by • 3 months ago

Most city services are available to the public, Mayor Kathy Sheehan said, but there are conflicting reports on the attack's impact on police.