Why patching our way out of the ransomware problem is so hard

by • 1 week ago

Ransomware gets a lot of attention, but there's a critical aspect of these attacks that's not talked about enough.

Ransomware actor pressures school district by emailing parents

by • 3 weeks ago

Parents in the Allen, Texas, Independent School District received an email threatening the release of stolen data. An analyst called it a "a shift in tactics and escalation."

Why aren't schools required to report ransomware?

by • 1 month ago

Better ransomware reporting could help improve defense against the cyberattacks — why aren't schools required to report their attacks?

California AG reminds hospitals to report cyberattacks

by • 2 months ago

California Attorney General Rob Bonta said there have been "multiple unreported ransomware attacks" against the state's health providers.

K-12 schools get cybersecurity guidance from industry group

by • 2 months ago

The national director of The K12 Security Information Exchange said "there’s a lack of cybersecurity standards in the K-12 space."

As cyber insurance costs rise, states rethink policies

by • 2 months ago

As a rise in claims due to ransomware pushes up premiums, states are starting to wonder if there are other options.

Ransomware hit two Maine water facilities earlier this year

by • 2 months ago

Officials said they paid no ransom and no data was compromised in the attacks on Maine's water infrastructure.

Delaware County, Pa., plans cybersecurity upgrade after ransomware attack

by • 3 months ago

The Philadelphia suburb was hit by a ransomware attack last year, which cost it $25,000.

How state and local governments can prepare for ransomware

by • 3 months ago

Increased funding and better coordination with outside organizations are top recommendations to improve cyber-readiness.