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NASCIO and NGA promote more state-local cooperation on cybersecurity

by • 4 days ago

A new publication published jointly by the two groups nudges governors and state IT officials to work more with their local counterparts on cybersecurity efforts.

Election officials are watching how their states respond to cyberattacks

by • 5 days ago

Ransomware attacks against state and local governments have been "real-life fire drills" for election officials preparing to oversee the 2020 presidential race.

Ransomware attacks matured in 2019, report says

by • 5 days ago

Threat actors that target IT organizations like local governments and school districts have elevated their tactics, according to a new report from CrowdStrike.

7 steps to help prevent and limit the impact of ransomware

by • 1 week ago

When ransomware attacks do strike, every minute counts to notify your organization and investigate quickly, say experts.

Interest in cybersecurity needs to start at top, new research argues

by • 3 weeks ago

Local governments' cybersecurity shortcomings can be attributed to elected officials and other top leaders not taking an active interest in protecting networks and data, according to an upcoming journal article.

'Maze' group behind Pensacola ransomware published city files online

by • 4 weeks ago

The hackers behind a Dec. 7 cyberattack posted 2 gigabytes of stolen city files, which they say is but a fraction of what they stole.

Baltimore worker stole funds during cyberattack, city watchdog says

by • 4 weeks ago

A city sanitation worker embezzled as much as $455 by shredding tickets that had to be handwritten when a ransomware attack disabled electronic payments.

For state and local government, 2019 was the year of ransomware

by • 1 month ago

Through all the year brought, NASCIO's Doug Robinson and Cloudera's Henry Sowell show it was the escalating cyberattacks that captured government's attention.

Mission isn’t everything — leaders also need tools, Texas CISO says

by • 1 month ago

Texas Chief Information Security Officer Nancy Rainosek says government leaders shouldn’t ignore the details of the technologies they use.