NYPD decommissions 3,000 body cameras after one explodes

by • 3 years ago

Independent investigators with both the city and Axon, the device maker's parent company, will search for answers.

Watchdogs say NYPD's body cam policy undermines accountability, file lawsuit

by • 5 years ago

Despite concessions by the department following public outreach, the groups calling for changes are now joined by law firms.

NYPD nearly ready to close comment period on body camera pilot program

by • 5 years ago

New York City police have been working with researchers to collect public feedback on their policy to govern the use of the technology.

State lawmaker aims to set up NYC police body camera pilot program

by • 6 years ago

Though the city is currently wrapping up its own pilot of the technology, a new bill would set up a two-year program with select NYPD officers.