NTIA staffs up for broadband grants

by • 3 months ago

The Commerce Dept. agency added four new senior staff, including former Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's broadband adviser.

Congressional watchdog urges lawmakers to act to save FirstNet

by • 4 months ago

The Government Accountability Office suggested several ways lawmakers could reorganize the FirstNet Authority before its statute runs out in 2027.

New Mexico has 'no formal plan' for broadband expansion

by • 3 years ago

New Mexico's decentralized broadband governance structure is delaying progress in connecting rural areas of the state, officials concluded.

Next-generation 911 gets $109 million boost

by • 3 years ago

Funding authorized in 2012 is now being dispensed to 34 states and territories. But a full nationwide upgrade could require more than $12 billion.

Next-gen 911 matching grant rules open for comment

by • 5 years ago

Federal grant funding to support call center infrastructure upgrades is expected to become available early next year.

Federal data shows divide in internet adoption between rural, urban areas persists

by • 6 years ago

New analysis of 2015 data by NTIA researchers suggests that rural residents still aren't using the internet at the same clip as their urban counterparts.

NTIA unveils draft guidance for states weighing FirstNet options

by • 6 years ago

Federal regulators release details for states considering building their own networks for first responders as part of a broader national effort.​

Prepare for pushback, experts tell communities building municipal broadband networks​​

by • 6 years ago

A panel of broadband experts warn municipal leaders hoping to build their own networks, be prepared to manage telecom company resistance.