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U.S. can't crack top 10 in survey of 'smartest' cities

by • 1 week ago

A new smart-city ranking index listed just nine U.S. cities out of 102 globally, based on residents' perceptions of infrastructure and civic services.

New York City plots its next decade of open-data projects

by • 1 month ago

In an annual report, the city's open data team chronicles the past year of open-data programs and looks forward to a more open and collaborative future.

New York City debuts for-hire vehicle data hub

by • 2 months ago

A new data hub from New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commission will grant residents and officials insight into the way for-hire vehicles move around the city.

18 finalists picked in NYC cybersecurity 'moonshot' challenge

by • 2 months ago

Seven finalists will meet with the city's small businesses, while those remaining will compete for a $1 million prize from Jerusalem Venture Partners.

Transit Tech Lab pilots solutions for NYC's transit woes

by • 3 months ago

For transit systems with shaky performance and unclear futures, the city is turning to small tech companies for a leg up.

NYC targets homelessness with new data initiatives

by • 4 months ago

By connecting city agencies and upgrading tools used by homelessness case workers, the city hopes to improve the services it provides to its neediest residents.

NYC mayor's report blames IT department for 11-day wireless outage

by • 4 months ago

The Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications failed to properly oversee the contractor that managed the Wi-Fi network, the report says.

Cities ply data against declining economic mobility

by • 4 months ago

Under a new initiative funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, 10 cities will track data with the goal of reducing income inequality and boosting economic opportunity for individuals and families.

'Bootcamp' program aims to boost New York City's cybersecurity workforce

by • 4 months ago

Twenty-four students were recently awarded full scholarships to a 17-week cybersecurity training program as part of the city's Cyber NYC initiative.