New York City

New York transit pilots to test surface cleaning tech, bus optimization

by • 4 days ago

Three startups selected by the Transit Tech Lab plan to test new technologies aimed at reliability and cleanliness.

New York City CIO Jessica Tisch steps down

by • 2 weeks ago

Tisch, who was named CIO in December 2019, said she's moving to a new position in Mayor Eric Adams' administration.

New York City highlights 2021 technology achievements

by • 3 weeks ago

Advances in digital services, universal broadband, emerging technologies and inclusive innovation topped a new report.

New York City CTO John Paul Farmer announces exit

by • 4 weeks ago

Mayor-elect Eric Adams has said that NYPD CIO Matt Fraser will succeed Farmer, who was appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2019.

New York City to prohibit AI-based hiring

by • 4 weeks ago

A new city law blocks businesses from screening job applicants with AI-based tools, but it only applies to residents of the five boroughs.

Crypto-affiliated platform to store copies of New York City open data

by • 1 month ago

NYC plans to store some of its open data on the Filecoin Network, a peer-to-peer network that issues digital coins to its participants.

New accelerator promises to help 'crypto cities' move faster

by • 1 month ago

CityCoins and STX plan to launched an accelerator designed to help companies build blockchain-based civic technology applications.

Another city cryptocurrency? Austin could be next

by • 2 months ago

Austin, Texas, could become the third city with its own cryptocurrency, but officials there said they're still researching the technology.

Miami's crypto 'concierge' explains why he's taking his paycheck in bitcoin

by • 2 months ago

Miami's chief information officer said he signed up for cryptocurrency payments to avoid continuing "to live in the current paradigm.”