Utah police officers plan to use bullet-tracking technology

by • 1 day ago

Police in Utah will soon test out a device, called ShotDot, that tracks and stores the timestamp data of every bullet fired from officers' weapons.

California launches statewide homelessness data platform

by • 2 days ago

Officials said they hope the new data warehouse will allow them to better understand — and ameliorate — the state's homelessness crisis.

Want to be data-driven? Don't fear failure, county official says

by • 2 days ago

Pima County, Arizona, overcame its data habits, and yours can too, said Scott Zufelt, deputy director of the county’s Office of Data Analytics.

Baltimore mayor names data officer and city's first broadband director

by • 2 days ago

The new chief data officer will work out of City Hall, rather than the IT office, a switch government data gurus have argued for.

More than 20 states still restrict municipal broadband

by • 3 days ago

While the White House signals support for community-owned broadband networks, 22 states still prevent or limit their creation.

House cybersecurity chair plans to reintroduce state and local grant proposal

by • 3 days ago

Rep. Yvette Clarke said she will put forward a bill creating an annual $500 million grant program to help state and local governments invest in cybersecurity.

Missouri faced 'roadblocks' on data literacy during COVID-19

by • 3 days ago

Missouri state officials initially struggled to adopt data-driven practices at the onset of the pandemic, but the tide has turned, Chief Operating Officer Drew Erdmann said.

Oregon lawmakers want to improve human trafficking reporting

by • 3 days ago

Workers at bars and hotels would be required to report suspected cases of human trafficking — a modest measure for the fastest-growing criminal enterprise.

Vermont is modernizing its IT with ‘capability tiers’

by • 3 days ago

Vermont Chief Technology Officer Mark Combs said the state's breaking down many "monolithic" applications to standardize functionality across the enterprise.