Government can avoid the ransomware question with strong cyber policy

by • 2 years ago

Whether or not to pay is a standing question facing ransomware victims, but the National Guard's Corye Douglas says the scenario can be avoided altogether with smart policy.

Baltimore approves $10 million for ransomware recovery

by • 3 years ago

The Baltimore City Council's budget committee approved $10 million, of which half has already been spent, to cover the costs of a May ransomware attack.

Report: Risk assessment called Baltimore 'natural target' for cyberattack

by • 3 years ago

Meanwhile, a city budget official said the cost of a May 7 ransomware attack could reach $18.2 million in emergency spending and lost productivity.

Ransomware attack takes down city services in Sammamish, Washington

by • 3 years ago

The city says it's now working with a security firm to identify its attacker and measure data loss.

U.S. adds charges in Georgia against suspects in Atlanta ransomware attack

by • 4 years ago

A second indictment against the suspected SamSam hackers says the virus infected nearly 3,800 computers owned by the city.

On cybersecurity, many local governments still lack strategic or disruption response plans

by • 4 years ago

A new infographic from the Public Technology Institute shows that while local governments are increasingly adopting cybersecurity training for employees, they often lack cyber planning.

Though ransomware persists in government — often unreported — experts say things are looking up

by • 4 years ago

As high-profile attacks like Atlanta's grab headlines, experts tell StateScoop that both the level of awareness and resources available to local governments are on the rise.

Idaho state government hacked twice in three days

by • 4 years ago

Damage was minimal, but the attacks underscore a repeated call from the governor for increased cybersecurity awareness and training throughout the state.

Georgia infosec community urges governor to veto ambiguous computer crime bill

by • 4 years ago

A letter to Gov. Nathan Deal includes 55 signatures from researchers, academics and business owners.